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       Forensic Science and Technology (FST) is a comprehensive periodical published both at home and abroad, run by China Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS), and supervised by Ministry of Public Security (MPS). The first issue of FST can be dated back to February 1976, and has extensively covered new theories, technologies, and developments in the field of forensic science since then. Readers of FST are from institutions of related colleges and universities, scientific institutions, procuratorate and justice departments. FST has developed to one of the top forensic periodicals with longest history and most significant influence in China.

      The Main columns of FST are Research Articles, Reviews, Monographic studies, Technical Notes, Forum, Forefront of Forensic Science, involving disciplines like forensic injury, forensic genetics, drug determination, trace evidence, mark evidence, fingerprint examination, questioned documents examination, video investigation, digital forensic , firearms examination, hand written materials and time examination.

       FST is the perform journal of CAJ-CD Norms, source journal of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation DatabaseCAJCED, and the cited journal of “ Wanfang Data-Digital Journals”, RSSCE Database, China Journal Net, Chinese Academic Journal(CD-Version), Chinese Journal Full-text Database, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database.

       Since 2015, FST has been following the forefront of international forensic science, with the purpose of improving its academic quality, enhancing its network and informationization construction. FST covers the latest development and main technical breakthrough in forensic science both domestic and overseas, and publishes creative basic and applied research papers in Chinese or English, review articles in the front and heated field of forensic science both at home and abroad, as well as theses of new theories, technologies and developments with technical application. FST aims at providing an academic exchange platform for forensic scientists both domestic and overseas, and higher quality services for both readers and writers.

       Thank you for your attention to FST.

       Research papers in forensic science and FST subscription are highly welcomed.


Editor-in-chief: LIU Yao

Supervised: Ministry of Public Security of China 

Sponsored: China Institute of Forensic Science

Edited and Published: Editorial Office of Forensic Science and technology

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